Sold! Two More Books To Harlequin Blaze

Last was the best week in my writing career thus far. It began with my debut novel, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, releasing in e-book (it is now available in print, e-book, and audio!). Readers started posting reviews on Amazon, B& and Goodreads.  And over at Amazon, COMMAND PERFORMANCE climbed the Blaze and Military bestseller lists.  

On Thursday, I was excited to see the sales figures for the first full week of the print edition. (As a former sales rep, I LOVE sales figures.) After checking the numbers, I logged into my RWA Bookscan account. I scanned the Top 100 Romance titles sold (in print) and found my debut novel. Wow. Thanks to the enthusiastic response from readers, my first book was one of the Top 100!! That afternoon my editor contacted me to set up a call to discuss future books. I set up a call for the next day during my daughter’s naptime when my son would be in preschool.

Friday afternoon rolls around and Annabelle decides to wake up before the call starts. I had taken her to my husband’s office as a backup plan, hoping he could watch her for a few minutes, but he too had a call. So I let her roam the conference room while I chatted about my proposed second and third books for Harlequin. My editor had lots of great ideas, which I quickly wrote down. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Annabelle dumping the leftover quinoa from lunch on the conference room carpet. I stayed focused on the call. Minutes later, she managed to pour water from her “spill-proof” sippy cup over herself and one of the office chairs. By the time the call ended, the conference room might as well have a huge flashing light over the table: “Toddler was here.” But it was worth it. I had a good feeling about the call with my editor. 

An hour later, after I’d picked up my 3-year old and returned home with two grumpy, tired kids, I spoke with my agent. My editor had made an offer! Woo-hoo!! 

My next Harlequin Blaze, currently titled COMMAND CONTROL, is scheduled to release in August 2014. This will be my second installment in the Uniformly Hot! miniseries and the follow up to COMMAND PERFORMANCE. And my third, currently untitled Uniformly Hot! book, will release in the fall of 2014. More details on these books coming soon. What a way to end an amazing week!